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Highburn Studios

Highburn Studios is an independent comic book studio based out of Southwest Virginia. Formed by artist D. Michael Watkins, Highburn Studios is now a haven and workhorse for artists to work together and produce some of the best art and books in the industry as well as freelance out to various companies.

We have worked with companies such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Archie Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, First Comics, Digital Webbing, Ape Entertainment, and many more.


D. Michael Watkins

D. Michael Watkins is the founder and owner of Highburn Studios. He's also the guy underneath that shiny cowboy hat you see at most cons. Michael received his lucky break on FEMME-NOIR with Joe Staton and has since went on to work for Marvel,DC, Image, Dynamite, Dark Horse , Upper Deck, as well as his creator owned project GUARDIANS. You've seen his work on titles such as SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, TRANSFORMERS, IRON MAN, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, PANTHA, VILLAINS SUPREME, and you can see him on film in the blockbuster movie THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Outside of comics, Michael is a Voice Actor with roles for Marvel and Disney voicing the characters of: Venom, Scorpion, Mole Man, and Magneto.

Michael is also an avid Martial Artist, studying Hak Dari Shon Hap Ki Do, Kenpo. and several other styles for over 30 years.

Todd A. Davis

Todd is a writer/comedian from Greenville, South Carolina where he studied writing at Spartanburg Methodist College. Todd has performed stand-up comedy at colleges, clubs, and cafes along the east coast. He befriended the Highburn Studios gang back in 2006 at HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina. Todd was named Head Writer of the studio in late 2014.

He is currently writing Blue Balls for Michael Watkins and is one half of the creative team behind the web comic, The First Adventures on Earth with Adam & Steve, illustrated by Caitlyn Guettler.


  John Anderson

   John Anderson is a senior partner and the Head Illustrator at Highburn Studios John is an all around triple threat with pencils, inks, and colors.  After graduating from SCAD with a Masters in Art, which John considered his best day ever. He later joined Highburn Studios after meeting the gang and Heroes Con, John calls that his worst day ever.

Johns work has been seen on the likes of the INFINITES, MANKIND, E-MAN, and various other properties for publishers such as Zenescope, Heroic, and several properties created in house.

John is also a voice actor with the role of J. JONAH JAMESON for Marvel and Disney.




Brynn Oliver-Watkins

    Brynn Oliver-Watkins was the PR Manager and contact rep for the studio. Outside of dealing with all the boys and girls in the group she also modeled the Sprite character from GUARDIANS and various other comic characters that suited her fancy. Brynn had also worked flatting books such as EXPULSE, E-MAN, BLACK ICE, and appeared in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Brynn spent most of her work time consulting on nifty merchandise to bring us one step closer to YOU!

       Outside of comics Brynn was the long time love and wife of studio founder Michael Watkins and enjoyed dancing, classic movies, and looking for any type of adventure for her and Michael to share.

" What Michael and Brynn had was art, and the beautiful thing about art is that it lives forever, long after the artists have gone." - Nic Carceri


I am so blessed that my life-long career has afforded me to come to know so many wonderful, smart and loving people that share my love of pop culture and comics. None burned brighter than Brynn Oliver who I have just been told has passed away. My love and thoughts are with D. Michael Watkins and all who loved her. I will forever treasure having known her, that incredible smile and big heart. So lucky we were all together just a little while ago at the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find Comic Con in Charlotte, NC. Love you, Brynn… May you Rest In Peace. I am devastated…



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